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Hello, Gamer if you are searching for an open-world game or driving simulator with high graphics then you have come to the right place. So we have searched and brought for you the top 10 new driving simulation games with open-world experience. If you want to see how the game will look, you can watch the video below.

New Driving Simulation Games for Android And IOS
So we have sorted out some top 10 games with good graphics and explored the open-world environment. So let's begin it.

10. Extreme 4X4 Off-road
Extreme 4x4 off-road game with good high graphics where you can explore 3 different maps desert, city, and farm it also has parkour mode, but the only problem with the game is there are no missions hopefully the developer may add missions in the next update Game has multiple off-roading vehicles with customization. The overall game is good you may try it.

09. Bus Simulator Pro
Talking about Bus Simulator Pro is based on a good colorful environment. Design your own in Bus simulator pro to create the countless customization options for your buses and paint to create your dream bus in the driving arena. The vast open-world was created to test your driving skills while providing a good bus driving gameplay experience on mobile it also has an online mode too [ buy to play this mode] it might lag for low-end devices the overall game is good.

08. Next-Gen Truck Simulation
Next-Gen Truck Simulation is an offline game with good graphics and decent control. This feature an open world with varieties of different vehicles like Trucks, minivan, Cars, SUV, 8x8 monster truck, and also Tank and it has also different characters. Also, manage your own business, extract and sell resources, or just transport high-value cargo. with good graphics and a pretty open-world experience in the game.

07. Drivers Jobs Online Simulator
Drivers Jobs Online Simulator is an Online Vehicle Simulation game where you can work as a Driver of various types of vehicles like trucks, buses, cars, and vans. Where you to find a job that you like Transport cargo and deliver to large companies, taking passengers safely to other cities or driving a car to take passengers to the various locations or you can participate in races or maybe loading your vehicle and make multiple deliveries to cities. You can create a room and play with your friends which also supports voice chat messages and have fun.

06. Heat Gear
If you are a fan of the Need for Speed game then Heat Gear will give you a similar experience. Heat Gear is an offline open-world racing game with various missions like; time trial, drafting mode, racing, competing with player [bots], and also cop chase mode. Game graphics are really great with a compact size of below 100MB.

05. ClubR: Online Car Parking Game
If you are looking for online multiplayer car games then ClubR is one of the good car drifting games with its unique feature. The game has different game modes like time mode, checkpoint mode, park mode, stunt mode, drift mode, destroy mode, free roam mode, and much more. You can customize cars as you want. You can change the color of vehicles and modify the roof, rim, or spoiler of vehicles. You can also chat with your opponents and make new friends while racing. it also supports multiplayer mode for up to 16 players. If you like this type of open-world driving game then you can check it out.

04. Backyard Parking - Stage Two
Backyard car Parking is a parking game where you have to complete different tasks to park a vehicle as you complete a mission with the task given vehicle unlocks automatically more than 50 challenging missions. In this game, you can roam freely only well doing a mission and also unlock unique vehicles and customize the look of the vehicles in the new styling mode. The game is easy and simple individual control methods with amazing graphics.

03. Drive Zone Online
Drive zone Online is an excellent online multiplayer simulator game with an open-world environment, racing tracks like GTA V, awesome vehicle customization, and also you can compete with your friends or with other players. This game also supports voice chat to interact with players. Drive Zone Online game is still under the beta program so it is available in limited regions in the west of Europe and Russia. The overall game is excellent you must try it.

02. CarX Street
CarX Street is a new open-world title game of the CarX franchise, which has gotten pretty popular across all platforms with games like CarX Drift Racing. CarX Technologies, the developers have released a beta for ios users only till now. This game feels more realistic while racing in city streets, and high-speed drift races. You can explore every street with the huge open-world environment of the CarX Street game and exciting car racing will be next with more game detail with high-quality graphics.

01. Trucker of Europe 3
After the great success of Truckers of Europe 1 & 2, Wanda Software has launched the tucker of Europe 3 on the play store and app store with a size of around 200MB. The game graphics are at the next level. The game features a colorful environment where you have to deliver goods from one place to another and it also features vehicle customization, vehicle wash, and more. The overall game is nice, minor bugs are there but they can be fixed in the next update.


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