15 New Games for Android Devices 2021 with Good Graphics

Mobile gaming has improved drastically in recent years, with are getting more new games releasing every day. Of course, 2021 is no different, with brilliant games from multiple genres being available on Android and IOS to enthrall every gaming enthusiast. So today we have brought Top 15 New Games that have been released this month for Android 2021.

15 NEW GAMES on Android 2021 Countdown Lists

15. Train Simulator 2D Railroad Game

Mode - Offline
Size - 59MB
Category - Simulation

Ingame you will play as Train Simulator who has to deliver various cargoes and building materials to the various places and complete many challenging tasks. In this train sim, you should meet the heads of railroads, improve relations between the train stations and develop the economic potential of entire regions.  Start with an inconspicuous diesel locomotive, take orders & earn money to get new spare parts and equipment. Upgrade and modify train compositions to handle difficult orders and earn more money.

14. Nuclear Day (Demo)
Mode - Offline
Size - 75MB
Category - Simulation & Survival

This game is based on a post-apocalyptic world where you are a survivor trying to survive in a post-nuclear city in a 2D-style game with a unique atmosphere. And also You'll be haunted by typical problems of survivors such as hunger, disease, thirsty, nuclear winter, and gangs. the good story where you'll meet a lot of interesting stories of different characters], solve the puzzle. This game is still under development.

13.  Bike Clash (Early Access)
Mode - Online
Size - 80MB
Category - Racing

Bike Clash is a game where you can challenge players. Prove your mountain bike driving skills to them. Get unique rewards and trophies indirect multiplayer competition. Compare your results with the best and also take part in various events. Games have easy and dynamic controls with a good 3D environment.

12. Bunker 2021 - Story Game

Mode - Online
Size - 57MB
Category - Adventure & Survival

Bunker 2021 game is about the main character who finds himself in a situation where it is impossible to find a way out without your help. You will help him make the right decisions, overcome all the puzzles and get into the bunker. Also, that game is not yet complete only two chapters are been added for now this game had created by a single person. The Game itself is an adventure quest. In the future, they may add use weapons and confront enemies in a mysterious bunker,

11.Zombie World War: New World

Mode - Online
Size - 124MB
Category - Shooter & Survival

Zombie World War: New World is a multiplayer cooperative shooting game, where 4 players or ai-played characters collaborate to fight against common zombies and mutant zombies. It may be difficult for any player to fight alone in this game. It is possible to be knocked down instantly by mutant zombies and needs the help of teammates to continue to survive. It can run a large number of zombies at the same time and you can play smoothly with low-end mobile phones.

10. Botworld Adventure

Mode - Offline
Size - 232MB
Category - Open World & RPG

Botworld is a beautiful and open world where you can explore as you venture out to collect rare scraps and discover new bots. Enter new environments, meet a variety of new characters, collect rare treasures and uncover the many hidden secrets, also every bot has its unique ability and power. You can explore freely the many lush forests and deserts but make sure you may require a strong team of bots because you never know what's around the corner. 

09. Junkyard Builder Simulator

Mode - Offline
Size - 114MB
Category - Simulation

In this game, you are the owner of the biggest Junkyard! Manage garbage dump and build your junk empire. Clean up the scrap vehicle or furniture renew by adding color, new parts, and more, and then sell it at a good price and late you can invest in upgrading new equipment. It's all in your hand!

08. DvG: Conquering Gaint 

Mode - Offline
Size - 833MB
Category - Adventure

This game is based on the imaginative twist story of David versus Goliath. where you are the young shepherd boy on a journey to protect your sheep from the dangers of the creatures outside the world like wolves, lions, bears, soldiers, and the Giant too. Enemies are sneaking through green pastures or form dark woods, and caves. If you defeat these foes, on one-on-one combat, you will save them all.

07. International Missions

Mode - Offline
Size - 53MB
Category - Action

International Missions is a 2d pixel-style action game, where your role is a complete mission don't think it will going to be easyIt only takes one to destroy the whole army and gathered together a group capable of changing the situation on the political map. Shoot, blow up, gather a collection of weapons, and just have fun for the classic gameplay.

06. Crash Drive 3

Mode - Online & Offline
Size - 404MB
Category - Racing & Open World

Crash Drive 3 is a car stunt game where you will experience ridiculous fun in this cross-platform multiplayer, free-roaming game. You can Drive monster trucks, tanks, and more amazing vehicles across a huge open world. Level up, play events, earn cash, unlock new cars, discover secrets, and a lot more.

05. Equestrian The Game

Mode - Online
Size - 380MB
Category - Simulation

Equestrian the game is a horse riding & management game. Ride and compete with your horses of different breeds and personalities. Create your own character and horse. Complete the events and level up in tiers and also compete with other players. Train your horses to improve their stats and set them up for success and feed your horses to give them energy and bonuses

04. War Sector

Mode - Online
Size - 129MB
Category - Action

War Sector is a third-person shooter with an emphasis on 5v5 multiplayer battles. The game has interesting gameplay, an intuitive interface, and many other good features. At the same time, it is important to work in a team in order to achieve the set goals. You will find, many different characters with various abilities, as well as a huge arsenal of weapons. Choose a role for yourself to fight. They take place on a huge map, where many different objects and environmental items are available. Constantly develop different tactics and win the battle.

03. Sausage Man

Mode - Online
Size - 1GB
Category - Battle Royale

Sausage Man is a cartoon-styled, shooter battle royale game featuring sausages as protagonists. You will roleplay as funny and adorable sausages and fight in high-octane battles. There are more than just combats on your battlefield – you will find cute and joy all around you like to jump, and fire your guns on a Rubber Ball, or use a Double Jump to avoid precision shots from your enemies. You can also put on a Life Buoy and do a face-to-face gun battle in the water with others. When you are down, you will turn into a little crying sausage. You can pick up your teammates or enemy who have been knockdown. The game is quite good and fun you must try it out with your friends.

02. Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital

Mode - Offline
Size - 234MB
Category - Horror 

Endless Nightmare is the story of James who wakes up in the scary hospital, and he starts is investigating the case that the people are missing in the Oak Town, dangers are everywhere in the weird hospital. The game is basically about Exploring with the first-person perspective, testing logical reasoning ability, and discovering secrets hidden in the hospitalIf you meet the powerful boss, use your strategy to get rid of him. The game adds more new gameplay, such as talents, weapons, battles, and material resources. You will meet more different kinds of ghosts in the game, and each ghost has its origin, you can find their identity from the game plot and destroy the threat they bring to you.

01. Punishing: Gray Raven

Mode - Online
Size - 1.8GB
Category - Action RPG 

Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced action RPG game. Immerse yourself in stylish, high-speed combat action. Directly control your squad members in real-time 3D battles, tag between your squad members mid-fight, master each character’s special moves. Parry, dodge, and pin enemies down with rapid combos then crush your foes with your strongest techniques via an easy-to-use match-3 ability system. Play dozens of chapters of visual novel-style storytelling. Explore through a wide range of stunning environments, from abandoned city streets to desert warzones, and much more.



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