Wilderless - Open World Game Download For Android & iOS + Review

An open-world game specially made for chilling exploration. No enemies. No quests. Just miles of beautiful, natural, untamed wilderness to explore and relax in. Enjoy a world of quiet moments and stunning views, with golden sunsets behind sky-high mountains, flower filled rolling green hills, and frost covered tundra and frozen lakes

+ Explore a gorgeous, vast open world wilderness

+ A true Open World. Go anywhere, anytime

+ Customize your character with hair, hats, outfits and more

+ Place shelters: choose from 2 tents, natural rock and a small house

+ Relax in a natural and calm stress-free environment

+ Ad-free, no in-app purchases or additional downloads

+ Take beautiful photos with PhotoMode

+ Tons of effects, filters, and options to customize

+ A solo indie project made with love

+ Run, swim, and fly through deep forests and rolling hills

+ Go skating on the frozen lakes of the North

+ Feeling anxiety? Take a quiet boat ride along the river

+ Fly through the skies as a mighty hawk

+ Shapechange into horses, bears, boar, foxes and more

+ Benchmark with extensive quality options and settings


In Wilderless, you don’t have any enemies, no missions, no teams, no puzzles, no anything including noise, damage, or loss. Only moments of relaxation, real peace, anything to relax your mind. You can go anywhere, do whatever you want. When entering the free world of Wilderless you will be able to choose, a hut, or a small house on the green steppe. Lie, relax, and watch the sunrise, or watch your eyes on the dimness just to watch the last few rays of the sunset.

Game is all about meditation, listen to the voice of your soul for as long as you like, surrounded by the murmur of streams, the wind rattling and the chirping birds. 

In this game, you can transform into an eagle or different animal or turn into a big giant also.

To new lands, you can change the scenery there, such as choosing the time of day or night, change rain or shine, the season of the year, changing your favorite color tone and lots more things to do. Watch the Trailer here.


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