Metal Revolution - New Fighting game is Now Available in Early Access on Play Store

If you're a fan of fighting games, then you will really like new Mecha Style Fighting Game on your mobile. The Metal Revolution, which has been developed by Next Studio and published by GTarcade. Metal Revolution has announced their first worldwide closed beta test on Google Play Stores and on their official site here

Metal Revolution the action is shown from the side perspective. The game revolves arena battles featuring contestants face with both robots and hybrids of humans and machines, having a different skills and fighting style. Which will include 1v1 or 2v2 online battle to play, but also having a challenge mode, a training mode, and PvE modes. Game style may just like a Mortal Kombat game, each character has their own unique finisher.

Metal Revolution early access program will run 27th May, 2021 till 11th Jun, 2021 if you are interested in checking game, then grab to play store and try it for free. Once the beta is ended your game profile data will be all erased or in the meantime, you can pre-register the game here and wait for game till the global launch.

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