Xtreme Motorbike Mobile Game Review

If you are fan of bike riding games Xtreme Motorbikes is right choices, where you find open world environment experience, since you can go anywhere and get the opportunity to perform interesting missions, police car chase but don't get busted. Graphics quality of this game is quit good, as will as bikes and player character can be change into classic look to sports style biker. 

Xtreme Motorbikes given much attention to its physics and performing tricks on bikes by which player can earn rewards to unlock new bikes and also do customize bikes in your own way. The xtreme motorcycles is a freestyle experience in the most realistic motorcycle simulator game on the market. If you like motorcycle games then you must give it a try, Check the gameplay above.

Game Information
Name: Xtreme Motorbikes
Size: 210MB
Game Mode: Offline
Category: Open world, Simulator


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