New Battle Royale game like Cyberpunk "Punk Royale 2052" Upcoming 2021

A new mobile battle royale title which been taken inspiration from the “Cyberpunk 2077” genre name as "Punk Royale 2052. It is being developed by CakeByte Studios, a team of 5 people, which is coming on mobile devices.

Punk Royale 2052 battle royale

Punk Royale 2052 is essentially a third person battle royale game, set in a futuristic graphics, Punk Royale 2052 fuses many elements that might look similar, as like PUBG and Cyberpunk 2077.

While most titles befitting a similar genre rely heavily on weapons and skills, Punk Royale 2052 tries to stray a bit from the norm by giving emphasis on augmentations that scatter around in the map, Upgrade your character's unique abilities in real time during match using cybernetic augmentations! that provide player to take over enemies, and play a critical role in enhancing the player for better chances at winning.

punk royale 2052 customization setting

Pre registration page is now not visible on Google play store, but it will be back when they create an open beta which might be open during the months of March/April 2021.

Specification Requirement
To be able to run Punk Royal 2052, at least required.
  • Android at least 2GB+ RAM and snapdragon 400 series or above.
  • IOS 2GB+ RAM and Apple A10 bionic or above.
You can check official gameplay footage or go to website here.


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